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Student Support Services


Cloonan's E-Book Access

Cloonan is now offering access to a variety of e-books. This 21st century reading is a great way to help support our scholars' educational success. When you access the page, through this link, you must enter a username and password. The username is Cloonan and the password is Bulldog.

Another Great Resource

Click here to access the website for Discovery Kids.

Attention Parents and Students

Parents and students take a look at some of these resources. Scholastic offers a variety of ideas, games, and activities that are fun and educational.

Parents click here for more details. Students click here for more details.

Super Charge Your Classroom

Visit this website and see the incredible things other teachers and coaches are doing with the Khan Academy right now. They are committed to providing top-tier resources to coaches. Free. Always. Comprehensive data and meaningful analytics are only the beginning.

Web Resources

Study Resources