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About the Cloonan PTO

We are happy to welcome students, parents and staff members to this exciting year at Cloonan Middle School. Your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is already planning fun and educational activities to support you and your students’ social and learning environment.

Our PTO's mission is to promote the welfare of our children by securing quality academic, physical, and social education, and promote an environment of cooperation between parents and teachers where our staff can do their best work and our students do their best learning.

Every parent/guardian and teacher is already a member of our PTO. Working with our PTO lets you impact hundreds of lives - including the one’s closest to your heart. We know your time is valuable and promise that the time you give to your PTO and Cloonan will be worth your while! I would like to help on the board: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your donations that help us fund important events and mini-grants!


Welcome Cloonan parents. If you are new to Cloonan, please sign up on the website now to receive email-blast throughout the school year from the PTO. It is our best way to communicate upcoming school events, programs and activities, and fundraisers that will go on this year at Cloonan. Stay informed about the Cloonan community - click here to join our mailing list.

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PTO Board 2022/23 - Click Here for Open PTO Positions and further Information

Cloonan PTO Executive Board

Name Title
Danielle Jean-Guillaume Sittol Co-President
Nayr Champ Co-President
Beth Brucker Co-Treasurers
Ronnette Grant Co-Treasurers
Kathleen Steinberg

Communications & Social Media

Beth Brucker Spiritwear Coordinator
Kristen Stops Yearbook Coordinator


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School News and Announcements

David Tate

Dear Bulldog Families –

As we plan for the remainder of the school year, your involvement will be critical in planning and supporting school social events and end-of-year activities.

Our student council has been discussing many ideas with school administrators and the PTO, including:

·         Game Night Social Event – February 23

·         Multicultural Night – March 28

·         Spring Social Event – April or May

·         8th Grade Dinner Dance – May

·         6th Grade Field Trip to Holiday Hill– June

·         7th Grade Field Trip to Urban Air – May and Quassy Amusement Park – June

·         8th Grade Field Trip to Lake Compounce – June

·         8th Grade Graduation – June

Making these events happen requires parent involvement.  We need your help to plan events, volunteer at events, and to help fundraise to reduce the per-student cost of field trips. 

Our fundraising efforts so far this year have been disappointing.  The Charleston Wrap fundraiser generated only $1,200 and the December Pizza Sales netted only about $250.  The Annual Holiday Sale lost money. When you consider that every out-of-town field trip costs at least $8,000, it’s possible that we will not be able to offer some of these opportunities this school year. 

The Student Council, the PTO, and the Cloonan Administrative team are inviting you to attend one of two meetings to talk about how you can get more involved in our school community.  The meetings are as follows:

·         Monday, February 5 at 5 pm via Zoom – School Governance Council Meeting. Zoom link:

·         Friday, February 9 at 9 am at Cloonan – PTO monthly meeting with Cloonan administration

We cannot stress enough what a positive difference it makes in our school community to have parents and family involved. The Cloonan Community is what we make of it, and together, we can make it truly great.


David Tate, Principal & Grade 8 Administrator

Hector Huertas, Assistant Principal & Grade 7 Administrator

Jillian Churchill, Assistant Principal & Grade 6 Administrator 

Dr. Peter Hadley, Restorative Student Support Specialist, Student Council Advisor & School Governance Council

Dr. Freddy Fuentes, Eighth Grade Mathematics & School Governance Council

Colleen Hiranandani, Cloonan PTO

Kathleen Steinberg, Cloonan PTO


October Cloonan Town Hall Recording  & Transcript
David Tate

Dr. Lori Rhodes, Associate Superintendent for Access and Opportunity, joined us in our Cloonan Town Hall on Wednesday October 25 at 6:30pm. She presented  a plan to accelerate the Long Term Facilities Plan. This was one in a series of community conversations about the plan. We are looking for your feedback. This plan affects students districted for Cloonan from the Fall 2024 and beyond.

Here is the video recording of the meeting.  Here is the link to the transcript:
Melissa Wall

Welcome to Cloonan Middle School!

Join us on Tuesday, August 29th from 7:15-9:15am to come learn a bit more about your upcoming school year!

Bus transportation will be provided as per the usual route.

Please note: this event is for students only

orange writing that says 6th grade orientation