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About the Cloonan PTO

We are happy to welcome students, parents and staff members to this exciting year at Cloonan Middle School. Your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is already planning fun and educational activities to support you and your students’ social and learning environment.

Our PTO's mission is to promote the welfare of our children by securing quality academic, physical, and social education, and promote an environment of cooperation between parents and teachers where our staff can do their best work and our students do their best learning.

Every parent/guardian and teacher is already a member of our PTO. Working with our PTO lets you impact hundreds of lives - including the one’s closest to your heart. We know your time is valuable and promise that the time you give to your PTO and Cloonan will be worth your while! I would like to help on the board: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your donations that help us fund important events and mini-grants!


Welcome Cloonan parents. If you are new to Cloonan, please sign up on the website now to receive email-blast throughout the school year from the PTO. It is our best way to communicate upcoming school events, programs and activities, and fundraisers that will go on this year at Cloonan. Stay informed about the Cloonan community - click here to join our mailing list.

Contact the PTO at                        Like us on Facebook!

PTO Board 2022/23 - Click Here for Open PTO Positions and further Information

Cloonan PTO Executive Board

Name Title
Danielle Jean-Guillaume Sittol Co-President
Nayr Champ Co-President
Beth Brucker Co-Treasurers
Ronnette Grant Co-Treasurers
Kathleen Steinberg

Communications & Social Media

Beth Brucker Spiritwear Coordinator
Kristen Stops Yearbook Coordinator


Cloonan SpiritWear PayPal Ordering

Sweatpant Sizes

PJ Sizes

Gym Shorts


Blue T-Shirt Sizes

White T-Shirt Sizes

Tie-Dyed T-ShirtSizes

Girl's Grey Shorts

Gray Long-sleeved Shirt Sizes

Blue Hooded Sweatshirt Sizes

Gray Hooded Sweatshirt Sizes

School News and Announcements

Logo of a Bulldog
Stephen Serafino

From Nov 15th - Dec 15th


CMS is hosting a Homeroom Decorative Ribbon / Sticker Fundraiser Challenge.


To support Operation Gift Card and Stamford DAV / Walter Reed Medical Center for the Holidays.


$1 gives a students a paper ribbon to decorate and hang up in their classrooms, as well as 3 patriotic heart stickers.


Thank you for your support and generosity for Veterans .


Stephen Serafino

Cloonan has been selected to participate in the FFVP program this school year. Every week, Wednesday and Friday for the duration of the school year we will feature an additional fruit and vegetable. This program is extended to the entire school included all administration and all faculty. 


Learning & Tasting: Celery

Learning & Tasting: Clementines

Informational Pamphlets:

Celery ENG

Celery SPA

Clementines ENG

Clementines SPA

Newsletter For week of November 7th

Newsletter For week of November 7th SPA