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Picture of Principal Tate



Principal Tate has worked in public education since  at the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate levels. He has been Principal of Cloonan Middle School since 2011 and is dedicated to the concept of schools as a place to nurture thoughtful, informed and committed citizens of our democracy.  Mr. Tate is also a passionate supporter of the arts and encourages every student to discover their own creativity and interests.



New Assistant Principal


New Assistant Principal, Héctor Huertas

"Entering my 19th year in education, I continue to find joy by working alongside other educators to encourage our students to acknowledge and honor their unique constellation of attributes. I do this by demonstrating care because the presence of care is the presence of learning; by having high expectations of our students, all the while providing them the resources needed so they can thrive every day, personally and academically; lastly, by holding myself accountable to the entire school community because as one of the building leaders, I serve the Cloonan community. In sum, I am delighted to be at Cloonan Middle School."


Picture of our Assistant Principal Jillian Churchill


Miss Churchill is an assistant principal at Cloonan Middle School. She was also a Language Arts teacher at Scofield Magnet Middle School and a Grade 3 teacher at Newfield Elementary School. Churchill holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Central Connecticut State University; a Masters of Arts and Connecticut certification in Elementary Education from Fairfield University; and a Connecticut Administrative certification from Sacred Heart University. She is committed to focusing on equitable practices, instructional leadership, and safe school communities.





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